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When Randy Bientz, a local native of Cincinnati, Ohio, started his waterproofing business 10 years ago, he knew his brand would be built on the principles of the local, small and independent company. From cracked basement walls to window leaking, Reliable Crack Injection promises that with their repairs, your foundation will simply never leak again.

Using a unique injection process, the leak repair company stops your foundation from succumbing to water damage and continued cracking. Their two-part polyurethane epoxy foam fills cracks all the way through the entire width of your foundation, keeping your basement dry and usable.

Reliable Crack Injection also gives its customers the advantage of dealing with a small company. Whether you’re calling to talk about your wet basement or getting the leaks in your foundation assessed, Randy Bientz plays a role in every step of the process to ensure that his clientele is 100% satisfied with the final job.

If warranty is a concern of yours, the waterproofing company provides a 20-year guarantee stipulating that under normal conditions, your cracks will never leak after being fixed by the repair experts. Reliable Crack Injection also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and works hard to provide the most cost-effective solution to your foundation problems.

Are you ready to stop dealing with the hassle of a wet basement? Visit Reliable Crack Injection online to get started today and to learn more about basement crack repair, waterproofing and more. To speak with a representative, call (513) 369-4366.

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