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3 Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle Safely in Winter December 20, 2019

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3 Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle Safely in Winter, Dothan, Alabama

Because the winters in Southern Alabama are relatively mild, many enthusiasts enjoy riding their motorcycles all year long. However, despite the fact that conditions aren’t particularly harsh in the Gulf Region, you still need to take care when riding a bike during winter. Below are a few helpful tips to follow, from dressing appropriately to making sure your insurance is up to date.

3 Tips for Winter Motorcycle Safety in Alabama

1. Wear Layers

Even on a warm day, temperatures may drop suddenly in winter. Moreover, the wind chill at high speeds can feel frigid. As insurance against cooler weather, dress in layers, so you can take off and put on additional clothing as necessary. However, you should always wear long pants while on a bike, even on warm days. Pants protect your skin from muffler burns and road rash.

2. Stay Close to Home

Insurance in Dothan, ALDon't plan any cross-country road trips during winter. Remember, not all areas of the country are as conducive to winter motorcycle operation as the South. In fact, keep an eye on the weather forecast, and when cold fronts threaten, keep your two-wheeled travels to a minimum. You don't want to get caught far from home without shelter or with no access to other transportation options besides the bike.

3. Check Tire Pressure Regularly

Air expands when it's hot and contracts with the cold. Therefore, an overnight cold spell can leave your tires underinflated. This not only makes handling more sluggish, but it also worsens the fuel economy and causes undue wear and tear on the tires. Take a few minutes at each refueling stop to make sure both tires are filled appropriately.


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