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When it comes to protecting your big-ticket toys, you have no better friend than Aaron Insurance Agency, the most trusted insurance broker in Dothan, AL. They specialize in high-risk auto insurance, as well as motorcycle insurance, boat insurance, and ATV insurance. In addition to top-caliber products from some of the nation's most recognized insurance brands, they also offer fantastic rates, top-notch customer service, and a wide selection of discounts.

Since the agency's founding in 2000, they have made it easy and convenient to purchase insurance, even if you're an inexperienced driver or have accidents, a DUI, or no prior coverage. They can find an insurer in their large network of over 15 providers who will offer you affordable car insurance. If you need an SR-22 bond due to a previous insurance lapse or moving violations, they can provide that, as well.

Because they are an independent agency, they are not bound to a single insurer, so they have the freedom to search their broad network of providers to find you the most appropriate coverage and the lowest premiums. In addition, you can save even more with their many available premium discounts. Does your car have anti-lock brakes or an anti-theft device? Are you a good student or a member of the military? Do you pay in full or have payments automatically deducted? You qualify for a discount.

Aaron Insurance Agency, one of the most experienced insurance brokers in Dothan, AL, offers invaluable guidance and assistance to help you understand the complex insurance landscape. Check out their website to request a free insurance quote, or call (334) 712-0777 to speak with an expert about your policy needs.

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