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Why Install a New Garage Door During the Winter December 23, 2019

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Why Install a New Garage Door During the Winter, Milford, Connecticut

As the temperatures drop in the winter, cold drafts can enter your home through many openings, including cracked windows and doors. While those issues can be fixed with caulk and insulation pads, many homeowners oversee damages in their garage door. If your door has cracks or its insulation is compromised, you may face an array of issues during the winter. Below are a few reasons why it’s wise to invest in a garage door installation during the winter. 

4 Reason to Install a Garage Door

1. Keep Your Garage Dry

If you store belongings in your garage, moisture from snow could damage items such as clothes and furniture. Cracks and openings in your door could allow snow to drift in the garage and ruin your belongings. A new door will shield your items and car from moisture damage. 

2. Prevent Dangerous Ice Hazards

If you park your car in your garage during the winter, you likely do so to protect your vehicle from snow and hail, as well as to protect yourself from walking on icy conditions. If your door doesn’t close properly or it’s broken, snow may settle inside, melt, and freeze overnight. This causes icy conditions and can put you at risk for slip and falls. Hiring a professional for a new garage door installation will prevent ice accumulation and give you peace of mind. 

3. Keep Your Utility Bills Low

garage door installationIf drafts enter your home because your garage door isn’t properly insulated, your HVAC will work harder to keep a cozy temperature. Over time, your utility bills will increase, causing you to spend more money on heating than necessary. It’s wise to invest in a garage door installation with effective insulation to prevent unwanted drafts.

4. Keep Out Animals Seeking Shelter

An exposed garage is like an open invitation for wild animals seeking shelter in the dead of winter. This can be especially problematic when rodents and other small vermin crawl through openings in your garage and into your home. It’s best to install a new door that opens and closes fully and properly, so you won’t have rodent issues throughout the winter.



If you’re ready to install a new door, the team Automatic Door Company in New Haven, CT, will suggest the best door to fit your needs. They have over 35 years of experience installing, servicing, and repairing garage doors in Connecticut. They offer a wide selection of doors and styles to best suit your home’s aesthetic. Visit their website to browse their services or call (203) 795-3577 to schedule an appointment.

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