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With offices in Milford and Orange CT, Automatic Door Company provides an extensive list of garage door services to families and businesses throughout New Haven and Fairfield counties. With more than 35 years of experience with garage door installations and repairs, you can rely on these highly trained technicians for any garage door needs, especially wooden and metal residential unit sales. Whether your garage door is broken or you want a modern, secure unit for a new building, Automatic Door Company provides excellent results and an award-winning level of customer service.

This company maintains a wide inventory of garage door openers, motors and products from a variety of the industry's top manufacturers, including Haas, Clopay, Amarr and LiftMaster. The amazing selection Automatic Door Company offers includes the latest safety features with pinch-free designs in an extensive variety of materials and colors. With years of experience and fully equipped service trucks, the technicians can service and repair garage doors from any manufacturer.

This team's commitment to quality has made Automatic Door Company one of the area's most well-regarded garage door companies with thousands of satisfied customers throughout the region. In addition to a shining reputation for taking care of their customers, they've also received an Angie's List Super Service Award, a distinction reserved for companies who maintain a reputation for excellence in their industry.

To learn more about Automatic Door Company and its range of products, visit the website or call (203) 795-3577 to arrange an estimate or repair service today.

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