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3 Reasons Comfort Food is So Delightful December 18, 2019

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3 Reasons Comfort Food is So Delightful, Newtown, Ohio

Comfort foods refer to any meal that makes you feel content. Contrary to what most people believe, comfort foods are not limited to a group of unhealthy snacks. These are highly personal choices, and some people actually turn to healthy meals when they need a pick-me-up or a reward. Are you wondering why you are drawn to specific foods when you want to feel better, whether you're eating at a family restaurant, a catered event, or at home? Let’s take a closer look.

Why Comfort Food Makes You Feel Better

1. It Makes You Feel Better

Certain foods do improve one's moods. For example, sweet foods help boost serotonin, while black tea can lower cortisol levels, thus improving one's mood or reducing stress. Moreover, familiar meals may become part of people's coping strategies whenever they struggle with negative changes and feelings of uncertainty. Somehow, these give individuals some sense of control and stability during highly unpredictable times.

2. It Brings Back Good Memories

Some people associate family restaurantspecific meals with special people, events, and moments in their lives. It could be grandmother's special recipe, a staple at family gatherings, or even foods they used to share with loved ones at a family restaurant. These types of foods serve as a reminder of people’s most important relationships. This may be one reason why some individuals with secure or positive social attachments feel less lonely after eating familiar meals.

3. It's Part of Your Culture

Food is an indispensable element of every culture. It is even common for elders or family restaurant owners to pass on their secret recipes and cooking heritage to younger generations. Comfort foods remind you of communities and traditions that form part of who you are. People who move temporarily or permanently to other states or countries may turn to traditional meals as a way of preserving customs and crafting a sense of home in unfamiliar territory.

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