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You’re ready to host an event, but you know providing food for so many people won’t be easy. Having your party catered is a great solution, and Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken in Cincinnati is the place to call.

Whether you’re having an informal family reunion or need delicious corporate catering, Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken will make sure your affair is perfect. With a choice of their classic chicken, jumbo breast strips, or spicy jumbo dippers, their chicken is always cooked fresh, and is pressure-cooked to keep in the flavor. Their extensive choices of country sides—from mashed potatoes to green beans to biscuits—will remind you of a home cooked meal, and your feast will be completed with a serving of Lee’s Famous Iced Tea. Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken will also catering services for weddings, school events, and church gatherings.

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken will have the service to match your event. They provide individual boxed lunches for the convenience of your guests, buffet style for informal settings where your guests can serve themselves, or a full service catering that includes the delivery, set-up, and food serving. Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken even provides a calculator to help you determine how much food you need based on the amount of people at your party and the type of chicken you want.

An event can’t be a success without a quality meal. Call Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken at (513) 244-2536 to ask about their catering services or go online for more information on how to plan for your event.

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