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3 Ways the Winter Can Affect Your Garage December 11, 2019

Greece, Monroe
3 Ways the Winter Can Affect Your Garage, Greece, New York

While the cold temperatures and snow outside allow you to get cozy in your home, these winter factors can damage your garage over time. This might seem like a minor issue, but no one wants to be stuck on their way to work due to a garage door that won't open. Review the ways your garage door can falter in the winter months to get ahead of any breakdowns.

How Does Cold Weather Affect Your Garage?

1. Frozen Parts

Just like ice can build up on your siding, it can also build up inside your garage door. The lubrication can get sticky and worn down as ice forms, making it more difficult for the door to open smoothly. Similarly, the pulleys that guide the door open and closed can experience issues. If your garage door is getting caught or sputtering open, you may need to get it re-lubricated.

2. Stuck Door

garage doorWhen snow falls, ice can build up on your driveway. When that happens, it can block the bottom of your garage door, causing it to freeze shut. You may be able to chip it off with an ice scraper or melt it with hot water, but the best way to prevent ice is by keeping your driveway salted and shoveling snow when it falls.

3. Cracked Sensors

The sensors near your garage door are made of plastic, so they can crack in the extreme cold. This will prevent you from opening or closing your door, and it'll require the help of a professional to fix. Be sure to troubleshoot beforehand and check that nothing is in the way of the sensors or that your power isn't out. Once you've ruled these problems out, it's time to get a garage door repair company involved.


The professionals at Automatic Garage Door Repair Service in Greece, NY, have more than three decades of experience helping residents throughout Monroe County. They can help with any issues your garage door throws your way this winter. Best of all, the repairs and installations are performed by the company's owner, Fred Stiffler, giving you confidence that they’ll be done correctly the first time. Visit them online or call (585) 663-1180 to learn more about how they can help you this season.

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