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Located in Monroe Country, New York, Automatic Garage Door Repair Service has been providing garage door repair and installation services to the community for over 35 years. As a licensed and fully insured company, they can be counted on to provide safe and reliable garage door services.

The company's priority is customer satisfaction and is committed to giving its customers the highest quality service at an affordable cost. Additionally, all repairs and installations are done by the owner, Fred Stiffler, giving customers peace of mind when it comes to expert services. With over three decades of experience, Fred has seen it all! No matter the size or severity of the problem, he has the tools, knowledge, and qualifications to fix whatever the issue may be.

Automatic Garage Door Repair Service is an authorized dealer for Chamberlain- LiftMaster and Genie garage door openers—top brands that will allow you to add a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing, garage door to your home. 

Don’t deal with the hassle of a malfunctioning garage door one more moment! Call Automatic Garage Door Service at (585) 663-1180, or visit the website for more information. From door installations to seals and emergency repair, there is only one company to trust in the Rochester area. Speak to a staff member today for an initial quote, without any hidden fees or added costs. 

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For over three decades, Automatic Garage Door Repair Service has provided top-quality garage door installation and repair services to the Rochester, NY, community. They offer more
While getting a new garage installation shouldn’t be stressful, there are a few factors to consider when you are shopping around. To help you with the selection process, the garage more
According to the U.S. Product Safety Commission, approximately 30,000 injuries are caused each year by accidents tied to garage doors—most involve children. That’s why Automatic more
It’s critical that your garage door stays in working order if you want your vehicle and your home to stay protected from the elements and potential intruders. In Rochester, New York, more
At Automatic Garage Door Repair Service located in Monroe County, New York, we provide fast and affordable garage door installation and repair. With over 35 years of garage more