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How to Choose the Perfect Trim & Accent Colors for Your House December 10, 2019

Hampton Bays, Southampton
How to Choose the Perfect Trim & Accent Colors for Your House, Southampton, New York

Exterior painters can work on three main parts of your home's covering: the body, the trims, and the accent. Picking the perfect colors for each part can feel overwhelming but can boost your home’s curb appeal, among other benefits. Here's a quick guide to help you choose before scheduling residential painting services.

How Do I Select Trim & Accent Colors for My Home?

residential paintingBefore starting your residential painting project, determine which parts of the exterior you want to be coated. Also, decide what kind of appeal or impression you want your home to make. 

Trim colors must accentuate architectural elements and create a three-dimensional effect. Exteriors with earthy tones, neutral shades, and monochromatic finishes give off a classic vibe and don’t overwhelm the eyes. To add visual impact, pick an accent color that complements your primary tone.  

What Other Factors Must I Consider When Choosing Colors for My Home's Exterior?

Look around your neighborhood to get ideas for your color scheme. Choose shades that fit in well with your community while creating the appeal you wish to have on your visitors. 

Keep in mind that some older communities require modest exterior colors, whereas modern constructions tend to give you more leeway. Check with your homeowners' association if they have any color requirements or restrictions. If you have reservations about the colors you've selected, ask your trusted home designers and residential painting contractors to help you pick the right tones.


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