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GM House Painting & Power Washing

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Is it time for a renovation project that brings out the very best in your home, eliminating chipped paint and years of dirt and grime or taking measures to protect from water damage? If so, your answer lies with G.M. Painting & Power Washing in Hampton Bays, NY. This affordable interior and exterior painting contractor has provided elite commercial and residential painting and siding services throughout Long Island and New York City for over 10 years. Fully licensed and insured, their painters will reinvigorate your home with skill and precision.

When you need professional services at competitive prices, these painters blow away the competition. Their scraping, priming, and coating techniques on various surfaces produce quality exteriors that are sure to impress neighbors and passersby alike. Using only professional-grade equipment, high-quality materials, and tried-and-true techniques, the transformation of your home’s interior and exterior will capture the attention of anyone who sets their eyes on it.

In addition to exceptional painting services, they also offer efficient and affordable power washing services. Whether it’s your siding, roof, or driveway, power washing can remove hard-to-reach and hard-to-remove collections of dirt and mold buildup, leaving those surfaces shining like new. They also offer services for waterproofing, sealing, drywall work, and spackling for a complete package of home improvement services.

Whether you’re decorating your first child’s room or there’s mildew buildup along the base of your home, these expert painters will restore and improve your home. Contact G.M. Painting & Power Washing today by calling (631) 255-5082, liking their Facebook page, or by visiting them online.

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