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A Guide to Well Pump Installation December 18, 2019

Dimmitt, Castro
A Guide to Well Pump Installation, Dimmitt, Texas

Many people don’t consider the source of their home’s water. In urban settings, people’s homes are generally connected to a city waterline system. Most smaller cities and towns also have their water connected in this way. However, many people living in a rural setting rely on wells to give their homes access to water. This water is obtained by using a well pump that works to extract water from deep in the ground and transfer it to your home. Here’s a brief guide to well pumps for those considering well pump installation.

What You Need to Know About Well Pumps

How Well Pumps Work

Well Pump InstallationThere are several types of well pumps that function differently depending on the location of the water source and whether the water needs to be forced through a system to get it to your home. Well pumps reside within a drop pipe that extends from your home to the underground water source. Well pumps use pressure to force water up from the ground and through your water system. The water is stored in a tank that regulates the pressure for your system. Some systems include an additional water storage tank, depending on the needs of the household and location of the water system.

Location of Your Water Source

Most well pumps are for shallow-wells that are connected to water sources up to 25 feet deep. If the depth is greater than 25 feet, you may need to reconfigure the water system by removing the well pump and positioning it closer to the water source. Before a well pump installation, have a well-drilling contractor determine the location of your water source. You might also have a situation where the shallow water source is tainted or not potable, in which case you will have to dig deeper to reach safe water.


When it comes to safe and reliable access to water, don’t take chances on your well water system. Conyer’s Well Service provides knowledgeable and expert well services in Dimmitt, TX, and the surrounding panhandle area. They’re a one-stop-shop for high-quality well pumps and installation as well as maintenance and repairs. For a free estimate, call today at (806)647-3215 or visit their website.

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