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Reliable access to water is vital to the health of your family, crops, and livestock—and having the right well-drilling contractor is essential to ensuring the quality of your water. At Conyers Well Service, their knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing the best water well services in Dimmitt, TX, and the surrounding Panhandle area.

These highly skilled water well maintenance experts provide 24-hour emergency service, so they are there when you need them most. They will quickly and efficiently diagnose the issue affecting your well system, whether it’s a leaky pipe or a faulty pump. They understand that clients often use their equipment to care for cattle and their crops, which is why their team is trained to handle large-scale irrigation systems. 

In addition to water well repairs and installations, the company offers high-quality pumps, including advanced submersible and irrigation models. The staff will consult with you to determine which product best suits your needs. Not only will they install the device, but they’ll also provide continuing maintenance over the product’s life span.

If you rely on a windmill to power your pump, you can also count on the team at Conyer’s Well Service to provide maintenance and repairs. They work on a wide range of models, including solar-powered windmills.

When your home, ranch, or farm runs into a water well dilemma, the expert contractors at Conyers Well Service will resolve the issue quickly and for a fair price. To request a free estimate, call (806) 647-3215 or contact them online.

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