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3 Tips on Fixing a Drafty Window November 8, 2019

Irondequoit, Monroe
3 Tips on Fixing a Drafty Window, Irondequoit, New York

A glass window that lets cool air into your home makes it more difficult for the HVAC system to warm up a room, which will run up your monthly utility bills. Luckily, there are simple glass repair solutions that will help keep that draft out and your family comfortable.

Ways to Repair a Drafty Window

1. Fix Noticeable Problems

Glass RepairsFirst, clean the window thoroughly and perform an inspection. Look for cracks in the window as well as loose or broken seals. Drafts can sneak in through tiny cracks, so if there are no visible issues, light a candle and slowly move it around the frame. If the flame flickers near one particular spot, that's a sign that the area warrants further attention. If it's a crack in the glass, you may need to have a professional repair it for lasting results, especially if it's a double-pane model. If it's a small gap in the frame or sash, you may be able to address it with caulking.

2. Add Temporary Seals

If you want to eliminate drafts during the coldest months, there are a variety of temporary solutions that prevent air from leaking in. Use V-seal weather stripping or rope caulk around the edges, a draft snake along the bottom, and shrink film on the window itself. These methods provide extra insulation around and on the window to minimize the draft. When the warmer weather rolls in, they’re easily removable.

3. Use Heavy Curtains

You can also hang curtains to minimize the draft from a window. A heavier and thicker option, such as black-out curtains, offer the most protection against cold drafts. These can be kept up year-round and serve the dual purpose of adding a nice aesthetic to the room.


For help with a drafty window, contact the glass repair experts at Black’s Hardware in Rochester, NY. For more than 70 years, this family-owned hardware store has helped local homeowners with a variety of improvement projects. From faucet parts to fittings and couplings and plumbing parts, they have a great selection of supplies, and they’ll help you find what you need to fix your window. For assistance, call (585) 544-9896 or browse their inventory online.
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