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Your Guide to Gemstone Quality November 21, 2019

Garment District, Manhattan
Your Guide to Gemstone Quality , Manhattan, New York

If you own or manage a jewelry store, you’ll want to ensure that you stock quality rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other pieces that appeal to your clientele. Prior to making a purchase from a jewelry manufacturer, it’s important that you evaluate gemstones to ensure they’re authentic, beautiful, and of the highest possible caliber. Below, you’ll find a helpful guide on how to determine the quality of gemstones.

5 Quality Scores of Gemstones

1. Superfine

Superfine gemstones are clean, clear, and have no visible inclusions. They are brilliant, polished, meticulously cut with many facets, and vivid in color. 

2. AAA

jewelry manufacturerAAA gemstones are very similar to superfine varieties. They may have inclusions, but none are usually visible to the unaided eye. Their colors are often striking, although possibly a bit inconsistent. 

3. AA

AA gemstones are not as clean as higher-tier stones, and they have less consistency in their coloration. They may also contain visible inclusions. AA gemstones are usually best used as accent stones in jewelry rather than centerpieces. 

4. A

The inclusions in A-grade gemstones are much more obvious, causing them to have a somewhat cloudy appearance. Variations between the colors of the stones will be immediately noticeable, diminishing their quality. 

5. Commercial

Commercial gemstones contain many visible inclusions, resulting in an almost opaque appearance. These stones are often raw or tumbled rather than cut, and they lack the brilliance of the higher grades. 



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