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A Guide to the Jewelry Casting Process October 21, 2019

Garment District, Manhattan
A Guide to the Jewelry Casting Process, Manhattan, New York

Producing a beautiful and customized piece of jewelry starts with a vision. Bringing the idea to life is the role of an experienced artisan. The modern jewelry casting process involves several important steps, each of which builds on the previous one to produce a stunning piece. 

5 Key Steps in Jewelry Casting

1. CAD Design

Using computer-aided design (CAD), the jeweler creates a design using the customer’s desired specifications. In this first step of jewelry casting, CAD technology develops a digital file that will be the blueprint for the wax prototype. 

2. Wax Replica

jewelry castingOnce the CAD visual is completed, the jewelry manufacturer will produce a wax replica. This three-dimensional model serves as a guide for what type of metal and stone will be used, the setting’s dimensions and location and other fine details. 

3. Casting

Before the actual jewelry casting takes place, the wax model is used to make a mold, which is needed to produce a dimensional version. In the casting process, the jeweler uses a sprue to pour the desired metal into the mold. After a cooling period, the mold’s flask is opened to prepare the casting for the next step of washing and cutting the sprue from the casted tree. 

4. Assembly & Setting

During the assembly phase, the piece of jewelry is expertly soldered to create clasps, closures, posts, and hinges to prepare for the production of rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. The setting phase of jewelry casting involves the placement of the desired stone in a variety of settings, including channel, burnish, prong, and pave. The stones are typically provided by the customer so that the dimensions can accommodate the preferred setting. 

5. Polishing & Coating

Before the piece of jewelry is complete, an artisan polishes it to give it the desired finish. If desired, special types of coating, such as electroplating (adding an extra layer of metal through an electric current) or e-coating (using an electric current to coat the piece with a transparent layer), can also be applied to increase the piece’s lifespan.



Frank Billanti Jewelry Casting in New York, NY, is the region’s premier one-stop shop for customized creations. From casting to polishing and packaging, you can count on the team of experienced jewelry manufacturers to produce pieces to your exact specifications. Using environmentally safe manufacturing techniques, they provide top-quality items and friendly service. To learn more, visit their website or call (212) 221-0440.

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