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How to Get the Most Accurate Car Insurance Quotes Possible November 5, 2019

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How to Get the Most Accurate Car Insurance Quotes Possible, Archdale, North Carolina

Shopping for auto insurance can be a little frustrating, especially when the quotes you get online don’t match what the company actually charges. While there might always be some discrepancy between an insurer’s initial estimate and the final price, providing detailed information will help them create the most accurate quote possible. The following tips will help you save time and avoid unpleasant surprises when shopping for car coverage.

3 Ways to Get an Accurate Auto Insurance Quote

1. Be Honest About Your Driving Record

Some traffic tickets will bump your auto insurance premiums up even if you got pulled over a few years ago. The initial quote insurers prepare is based on the information you provide, while the actual cost of the policy includes much more detail.

auto insuranceIf you forgot to include a traffic ticket when submitting your quote request, the insurer will likely find out about the infraction and take it into account when calculating your actual premium. To get your quote closer to reality, be as accurate as you can regarding your driving record.

2. Check Your Credit Score

Auto insurance companies have established a clear link between a driver’s credit rating and their likelihood of filing a claim. When filling out the quote request, the insurer will ask for a general overview of your credit, so giving updated information will result in a more accurate price.

If you haven’t checked your credit in a while, you can request a free copy of your report before shopping for a car insurance quote.

3. Work With an Agent

Live insurance agents know what questions to ask to ensure an accurate quote without the confusion or second-guessing of doing it yourself online. They’ll also have the detailed industry knowledge to ensure you get every discount you qualify for, potentially saving you hundreds over the course of the policy.


As dedicated agents of Nationwide® Insurance, Phillip Kent Beck Agency offers highly personalized service and policies backed by one of the country’s top carriers. Their agents are dedicated to ensuring drivers throughout High Point, NC, get the coverage they need at the best prices possible. Call (336) 434-2111 to request your free auto insurance quote today.

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