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5 Factors That Influence Car Insurance Rates October 22, 2018

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5 Factors That Influence Car Insurance Rates, Archdale, North Carolina

The state of North Carolina requires drivers to register their vehicles and maintain certain minimum amounts of auto insurance. However, not every driver pays the same premiums, even for the same coverage. Numerous factors help determine how much your insurance premium will be. Below are five of the most important.

5 Factors That Affect Your Auto Insurance Premium

1. Personal Characteristics

Your age, sex, and marital status all influence your rates. Singles, men, and drivers under 25 years of age usually pay more than married people, women, and drivers with more experience because they are statistically more at risk of filing a claim.

2. Your Vehicle

Newer, more expensive cars and trucks cost more to replace and fix than do older, more economical models. Because insurers face a higher payout if you crash your car, they pass some of that expense on to you.

3. Your Location

auto insuranceCity drivers normally pay more for auto insurance than do rural drivers because more traffic means there's a greater chance of collisions. The risk of car theft is also much higher in cities than in less populated areas, which drives up premiums.

4. Your Driving History

If you have a record of numerous accidents and moving violations, your insurer will consider you a riskier bet than someone with a clean driving history. Providers normally look back three to five years. If you can keep your record clean for that long, you can often enjoy a "safe driver" discount.

5. Your Credit Rating

Insurers have discovered a correlation between good credit and responsible driving habits. If you pay your bills on time and avoid charge-offs and bankruptcy, you will pay less for auto insurance than if you have a spotty credit history. Again, insurers look back three to five years, in most cases.


As you can see, a number of sometimes surprising factors affect your auto insurance premiums. Some you can change; others, you have little control over. However, different insurers weight these factors differently, so it may benefit you to shop around. To request an insurance quote, contact Phillip Kent Beck Agency. For your convenience, they maintain four offices in Archdale, Thomasville, and High Point, NC. They specialize in auto, home, life, and business general liability insurance. Visit their website to learn more about their lines of coverage or call (336) 434-­2111 to speak to a friendly, experienced insurance agent.

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