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3 Common Water Well Myths Debunked November 21, 2019

New Milford, Litchfield
3 Common Water Well Myths Debunked, New Milford, Connecticut

If you've relied on municipal water sources your whole life, switching to a private water well is a big change. Wells have different maintenance needs than public water systems, and you may notice differences in your bills, water pressure, and water quality. Many property owners or buyers worry that switching to a well will be a difficult change, but these fears are unfounded. Here's what you should know if you're considering making the switch.

Top Misconceptions About Water Wells

1. Well Water Is Low Quality

Since public water sources are treated and well water simply comes from the ground, many people believe the treated water is healthier. In reality, public water is often tainted with chemicals that are absent from well water and can even have higher mineral content. As long as you’re testing your well water annually and using an adequate filtration system, if required, your well water will be higher quality and easier to monitor.

2. Well Water Is Unreliable

Water WellIt's true that if you don't maintain your water pump, it may fail due to leaks or wear. However, with regular maintenance, it'll work fine for years. A natural water supply is extremely reliable. 

3. Water Wells Are More Expensive

When you get your water from a well, your only costs are the initial well drilling, annual maintenance, and power to run the pump. Municipal water sources are more expensive since you have to pay for the water itself and the cost of transportation. Even though the upfront cost is higher, having your own water well will save you money in the long run.


If you're interested in adding a water well to your property, call Werner Well & Pump Service in New Milford, CT. Serving Litchfield County and Northern Fairfield County, Al Sr. and Alan Jr. run up a small, locally-owned operation and pride themselves on building lasting relationships with their customers. They also offer emergency service as needed. To schedule a visit, call (860) 354-0290 or read more about what they offer online.

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