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Werner Well & Pump Service LLC, Water Well Services, Services, New Milford, Connecticut

With over 40 years of experience bringing water to businesses and homes in Connecticut, there’s no better contractor to call than Werner Well & Pump Service llc when you need water pump installation and repair. Whether you require a new water tank installation, water pump repair, or well drilling, Al Sr. and Alan Jr. can tackle the job.

At Werner Well & Pump Service llc, we recognizes that every water system is unique. What works for your neighbor may not work for you. That’s why they take multiple factors into consideration before every job, including well depth, yield, location, and use. And if you didn’t use the company for your initial installation, the company can still provide yearly well and pump inspections and maintenance.

Other service areas the company handles include:

  • Water Quality Filtration & Treatment
  • Water Tank Maintenance
  • Well Drilling & Hydro Fracturing
  • Mortgage & Real Estate Inspections
  • Well Casing Extension
  • Multi-Well Control Systems
  • Constant Pressure Systems 

From the smallest emergency repairs to well drilling and water treatment for your family’s needs, Werner Well & Pump Service llc has made it their goal to find the best solution for you at a fair price. With emergency service provided, including holidays and weekends, call the office at (860) 354-0290. You can also visit the website for a full list of services.

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