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4 FAQ About Anger October 30, 2019

NOTA, Rochester
4 FAQ About Anger, Rochester, New York

While everyone experiences anger, it can sometimes escalate to an uncontrollable degree. Anger that negatively impacts your life and the lives of others should be addressed in a healthy and constructive manner. Here is some helpful insight into anger episodes, common triggers, and how to address them with an anger management professional.

Common Questions About Anger

How does severe anger differ from a normal episode?

A normal anger episode is in response to a perceived threat in your environment. It’s perfectly normal to experience feelings of anger at times, particularly when it’s for a constructive purpose. However, when anger is prolonged or escalates to an uncontrollable degree, it has reached a severe level. Severe anger negatively impacts your social life, ignites constant feelings of negativity or hostility, and may include physical violence and frequent arguing.

What triggers severe anger episodes?

Anger episodes can have a variety of triggers, including personal or interpersonal problems, negative events, and traumatic memories of an unpleasant event. Anger can also be brought on by hormonal imbalances and mental disorders.

What helps calm anger episodes?

anger managementThere are many techniques that can help quell anger episodes to make coping easier. Relaxation exercises that involve deep breathing and visualization can help release anger and refocus the mind on more positive thoughts. Restructuring thoughts by focusing on rational and logical ideas can also help control severe anger. Problem-solving through communication is highly effective as well, as it can help resolve challenges and confusion, fostering better interpersonal relationships

How can counseling help with anger management?

Counseling can be highly effective for anger management, as it provides a safe and open environment to work through difficulties. During counseling, you’ll learn to communicate your anger in a healthy manner and resolve frustrations before they escalate. Through ongoing sessions, you can learn to better communicate your needs while remaining calm and in control. Counseling will also help to identify anger triggers so that you can best deal with them as they arise.


If you need anger management counseling, the team at White Spruce Counseling in Rochester, NY, will give you effective coping mechanisms so you can lead a happy life. With a focus on open communication and skilled problem-solving through individualized mental health counseling, they’ll help meet your needs with compassion and expertise. To schedule an appointment, call (585) 424-2436 or visit them online to browse their services. 

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