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4 Reasons to Repair a Cracked Foundation October 29, 2019

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4 Reasons to Repair a Cracked Foundation , Norwood, Ohio

Discovering cracks in your home’s foundation may not be unsettling at first because issues like premature drying often cause seemingly harmless ones on concrete surfaces. However, they can expand with water and seasonal temperature changes, creating problems like wall instability and basement flooding. Here are four reasons you shouldn’t ignore a cracked foundation.

4 Reasons to Get a Cracked Foundation Fixed

1.  Your Home & Safety May Be at Risk

cracked foundationExternal pressure from construction, excavation, and excess water can all cause foundation cracks. Continued pressure on the foundation may progress to the walls too. Without repair, the problem may worsen to the point of structural failure. Potential wall collapse risks your home’s structural stability and your safety, so cracks and their possible underlying issues need to be investigated and repaired by trained professionals.    

2. Water Damage

Sometimes cracks form between the cinder blocks or bricks in the foundation. Often looking like steps, these cracks permit water from the ground outside to seep into the basement. Aside from ruining belongings, water leaks can also damage structural supports and promote unhealthy mold growth. Luckily, water-drainage issues involving foundation cracks can often be repaired relatively easily by professionals.

3. Cracks Worsen Without Professional Repairs

The longer you delay fixing foundation cracks, the more opportunity they have to spread. Cracks that initially posed minimal risks can eventually create serious problems including sloping floors, tile and brickwork damage, misaligned windows and doors, and fractured drywall. Over time, the slab can become uneven or fail.

4. Your Home’s Value & Resale May Be Affected

When it comes time to sell or buy a home, the property must meet lenders’ requirements for structural soundness. A mortgage provider may not agree to any financing until they see proof of professional repairs. You may also need to secure a special loan or come up with a greater down payment. Any issue with the foundation may lower a house’s value.


If your home has a cracked foundation, have a trusted expert assess it to make any necessary repairs. Throughout the Greater Cincinnati, OH, and Northern Kentucky areas, Reliable Crack Injection has been delivering exceptional repair services with 20-year guarantees on their work. Their offerings also include free estimates, multi-crack discounts, and 24/7 emergency help. Call (513) 369-4366 to schedule foundation repair with their injection technique. Visit them online to learn about their leak repair process for wide basement cracks.

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