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3 Benefits of Automatic Entry Doors for Your Business October 17, 2019

Kalispell, Flathead
3 Benefits of Automatic Entry Doors for Your Business, Kalispell, Montana

If you’re renovating your existing business or in the process of building a facility, you’ll benefit from installing automatic entry doors. Whether you run a grocery store, a hotel, or an office, this type of entrance will make your property stand out. Here are a few reasons to use this high-tech fixture.

Why Install Automatic Doors at Your Company?

1. Provide Convenience

For seniors, it can be difficult to push heavy entry doors open with ease. Parents who are carrying their children or pushing strollers can also find it tough to handle a door easily. This becomes even more important in a shopping mall location, since customers could be carrying shopping bags. You can make entering your business simple by adding an automatic entrance.

2. Create an Inviting Environment

entry doorsIf you have a storefront, you’re probably hoping to attract passersby. Automatic doors will work in your favor in this case. On hot summer days, people will feel the rush of the AC as they pass and the doors activate. On cold days, they’ll get a taste of your cozy, heated interiors. That may just be the extra push someone needs to come in and spend a few minutes at your store or coffee shop.

3. Make Your Business Accessible to Everyone

People with disabilities are the largest, fastest-growing minority in the country, and control $1 trillion in income. Whether you run a coffee shop or bookstore, this is a population you want to target. With automatic doors, you make entering your business easy for people in wheelchairs or other mobility devices. 


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