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When it comes to home and business remodeling and renovations, it’s most economical to work with one contractor who can handle every aspect of the project. Fortunately, Shepard’s Glass, located in Kalispell, Montana, in a one-stop shop for all of your glazing and glass repair needs. The staff at Shepard's Glass has been shining glass surfaces in the local Flathead Valley since 1959 and are the area's top contractors for all glass repairs and installations.

Whether you’re seeking a minor bathroom renovation and tending to small glass nicks or planning for a major window installation, Shepard’s Glass has the experts in residential and commercial glazing and glass repair that you need to pull off the perfect look. Just a few examples of their services and products include:

  • Shower, entry, and interior doors
  • Wood, vinyl, and glass windows
  • Glass repairs and installations for home and storefronts

Shepard’s Glass also offers the most professional and attractive interior design services in glass installations. For instance, if you have special artwork to display, they can design and install a custom glass shelf. Or, protect your expensive furniture or antiques with a customized glass top. 

From a minor bathroom renovation to major commercial window repairs, Shepard’s Glass is the best contractor around! Give them a call at (406) 755-4540, and visit their website for more information today.

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