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3 Points to Consider When Choosing LED Video Panels October 7, 2019

Batavia, Genesee
3 Points to Consider When Choosing LED Video Panels, Batavia, New York

Concerts and corporate events involve much more than a few microphones—they’ve evolved into audio-visual collages featuring elaborate sets and lighting designs. One such feature that could take your event to the next level is LED video panels. If you’re in the market for this state-of-the-art item, use the following tips to choose the right type.

How to Choose Adequate LED Video Panels

1. Weight

First, you’ll want to think about some of the most practical aspects of this display—for example, how much weight is the venue capable of holding? If you’re mounting the LED video panels, you’ll need to ensure the wall or frame can withstand the load. While some panels are backed by steel frames, you can limit the weight of your visual display by opting for a carbon fiber support structure. This may also affect the overall size of your screen or how many panels you can connect together.

2. Pixel Pitch

led video panelsNext, you can move onto some of the more aesthetic features of your display. Each LED panel contains a number of tiny, LED lights, which are all equidistant from one another. However, the pitch, or distance between each LED, differs between makes and models. If your audience will be viewing the panels up close, you’ll need a higher resolution or a lower pixel pitch. If the audience is far away, such as in an arena, you can get away with a larger pixel pitch.

3. Brightness

You’ll also want to consider the necessary brightness of your visual display. Are you setting up the LED video panels outside or inside? Depending on the conditions, you’ll need a brighter set of panels for outdoor or daytime use and a dimmer setting for indoor or nighttime use. Generally, the first circumstance would require around 5,000 nits of brightness.



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