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For the past two decades, the team at Audio Images Sound & Lighting has been providing professional-grade concert production staging services to thousands of national acts and major corporate clients in the Western New York area and all across the country. From Top 40 recording artists to international jazz festivals, this team of light and sound experts regularly executes beyond expectations.

Known for their commitment to customer service as well as their extensive inventory of audio, lighting, and staging gear, Audio Images Sound & Lighting is truly a one-stop shop for all of your concert production needs. Their massive catalog of gear includes everything from concert lighting rigs and wireless mics to LED video panels, Martin Lighting, image magnification, and more.  Audio Images Sound & Lighting is also constantly updating their collection to reflect the changing standards in first-rate production equipment.  Whatever type of audio visual equipment you need for your next concert, they have you covered.  If you also happen to be a concert production service, but are in need of some additional equipment, they offer cross-rental services.

The team of experienced audio and lighting professionals from Audio Images Sound & Lighting makes staging anything from a rock concert to a multi-stage conference seamless, and their years of experience in the business make them a dream to work with. Clients come to them with extensive technical riders that specify everything from the number of wireless mics they’ll need to the video equipment setup, while others turn to the technical pros for advice on how to expertly produce their event.

If you are a college or university looking to put on an event, Audio Images Sound & Lighting has extensive experience working with educational institutions. They will work with your school's faculty to plan-out the audio and visual needs required to ensure your event goes smoothly.

Additionally, they’ve recently added a new location in Inverness, FL, offering the same high-level of service and technology as their New York

 location. Count on their Florida team to provide the same exceptional mobile stageline stages as well as audio, lighting, video, and backline for your rental needs. Select from one of four options to meet the specific requirements of your event and let their crews do the rest.

Working with Audio Images Sound & Lighting means putting your full-scale live event production in the hands of capable, knowledgeable professionals. To learn more about their available audio visual equipment and concert production services, visit them online or call them at (585) 343-4050 today. 

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