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3 Steps to Prepare Your Garage Door for a Home Inspection November 15, 2019

Rochester, Monroe
3 Steps to Prepare Your Garage Door for a Home Inspection, Rochester, New York

If you’re planning to sell your home, it’s important to make sure that it’s in the best condition possible by scheduling a home inspection. This ensures that you’ll receive the greatest return on your investment and protects you from dealing with potential fallouts with the buyer at a later point. One area that’s often overlooked is the garage door. Here’s what you can do to make sure that it passes.

How to Ensure Your Garage Door Passes a Home Inspection

1. Clean It Properly

A dirty garage door takes away from your home’s curb appeal and can turn off potential homebuyers at a glance. Given that it’s one of the first elements of the home that they see, it’s important to make sure that the door is as clean as possible. Years worth of caked-on grime, dirt, and debris can leave the door looking less than stellar. Wipe it down thoroughly with a combination of warm water and mild dishwashing soap. Be sure to polish any windows, too.

2. Check for Damage

garage doorGarage doors are vulnerable to all types of damage. Broken springs and cables are two of the most common issues. Both of these develop with age, usually because of an abundance of open and close cycles that take their inevitable toll on the door.

Monitor the way the door opens and closes. Does it skip or run smoothly? If it skips and jumps while moving, then the rollers might be worn out. Even hardware can become corroded with age. Scheduling garage door repairs is the first step to dealing with problems that affect its functionality.

3. Contact a Professional

Even if there’s nothing physically wrong with the door, it’s well worth your time to schedule an appointment with a garage door maintenance professional. A basic tuneup ensures that the door is operating safely and that none of its vital components are in danger of failing. Professionals can also access problems that might not be apparent to you, which can spare you from dealing with repairs or replacements during the negotiating stage.

Is your garage door ready for your upcoming home inspection? If you aren’t sure, turn to the team at Felluca Overhead Door in Rochester, NY. Proudly serving the community for over a century, the family-owned and -operated company offers garage door repairs, maintenance, and replacements for homeowners and business owners in Monroe County. Visit them online to find out more about how they can help you, or call them at (585) 467-2391 to request an estimate.

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