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3 Indispensable Tools for Mechanics September 23, 2019

Morehead, Rowan
3 Indispensable Tools for Mechanics, Morehead, Kentucky

As a professional mechanic, you need to have the correct tools and hardware on hand to complete any job. Without the right equipment, you cannot be as versatile or effective. Worse, if you don’t have the tools to complete a task, your customers will go somewhere else. To make sure you stay abreast of your competition, below are a few of the key automotive tools you need for your shop.

Must-Have Automotive Tools for Mechanics

1. Under-Hood Lights

To fix and diagnose problems with your clients' cars, you must see what you're doing. Under-hood lights attach via magnets to the hood—or the undercarriage—to light up the work environment and prevent you from making silly mistakes.

2. Ratchet Extender

Working under the hood is a tight hardwarefit. Many engine components are packed so tightly together that you can't fit your hand between them to maneuver a socket wrench. A ratchet extender solves that problem. It's a double-ended tool about 8 inches long that lets you attach one end to the bolt and one end to the wrench. The hardware end rotates together with the ratchet end, so you can crank the wrench while your hand's outside the tight spot.

3. Oil Filter Wrench

Oil is the lifeblood of any vehicle, and oil changes are the lifeblood of many mechanic's shops. For efficiency's sake, you should have a couple of oil filter wrenches in different sizes to fit larger and smaller hardware. You may also need a strap wrench for older model cars and filter pliers to remove stubborn filters.


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