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Do's & Don'ts of Model Train Storage September 26, 2019

Jacksonville, Pulaski
Do's & Don'ts of Model Train Storage, Jacksonville, Arkansas

If you build and collect model trains, it’s important that you know how to protect them. If not stored correctly when not on display, cars and locomotives will get dirty, dusty, and grimy. Here are a handful of helpful do’s and don’ts for storing model trains to keep them safe and fresh. 


Get storage boxes.model trains

Purchase boxes sized to the dimensions of your trains from hobby shops that sell trains and accessories or online. Train sets are sized to different model-to-prototype scales, usually N, HO, O, S, On30, or G, so keep this information in mind as you shop. 

Use foam strips.

Purchase model train storage boxes with foam padding. In addition to holding your model trains and accessories in place during transit, the foam will prevent dust, oil, and moisture from corroding and damaging metals and paint.


Pack them loosely.

After you pack your trains, you shouldn’t hear any rattling noises. If your train cars rattle, set boxes down, inspect the contents, and repack them more tightly. If you insert additional foam or packing paper to fill gaps, you’ll be sure the contents won’t shift. 

Be afraid to improvise.

If you can’t acquire custom-sized boxes, feel free to improvise. Use any wooden, cardboard, or plastic bins you have. Cut foam blocks according to the dimensions of your trains and load them into your bins for a comfortable and snug fit.


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