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How to Build the Fastest Pinewood Derby Cars September 3, 2019

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How to Build the Fastest Pinewood Derby Cars, Jacksonville, Arkansas

Pinewood Derby events give Cub Scouts an opportunity to show off their creativity and ingenuity while competing against their friends. Pinewood Derby cars are usually made of wood and have plastic and metal axles. Although plenty of kits are available for assembling cars, you may need some inside tips if you want your child’s car to have a chance of winning the derby.

Tips for Building Lightning Fast Pinewood Derby Cars

1. Prep the Wheels & Axles

To ensure that wheels and axles move freely in a race, lubricate them with graphite or another dry lubricate, and polish the axles with sand paper so they’re as smooth as possible.

2. Reduce Friction

pinewood derby carsThe exterior influences how much drag a car experiences during a race. Sand the car’s body fully before painting and decorating. Keep the surface of the body as smooth as possible. Press decals down and burnish their edges so they don’t curl up and impede forward motion.

3. Add As Much Weight As Possible

Pinewood Derby cars usually can’t weigh more than five ounces. Make yours as close to that number as possible, without going over. Try make the front of the car weigh more than the back so that the car picks up speed as it rolls down hills and retains it when the ground evens out. If necessary, add small weights to the front end, and use a scale to verify that your car stays under weight regulations.


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