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3 Tips for Preserving Dyed Shoes October 3, 2019

Brighton, Monroe
3 Tips for Preserving Dyed Shoes, Brighton, New York

Shoe dyeing is ideal for anyone struggling to find the right look to complete a specific outfit. However, this footwear can be prone to bleeding and fading, and possibly staining your socks or skin. Take these extra precautions to keep your dyed shoes looking vibrant as long as possible.

How to Care for Dyed Shoes

1. Take Protective Measures

Before wearing them out, coat your dyed shoes with a waterproofing sealant. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application instructions and drying times. Make sure they’re completely dry before putting them on. If you need a quick touch up and you don’t have any sealant on hand, apply a generous layer of petroleum jelly to the area that’s starting to fade. Leave it on for 24 hours before wiping away the excess gel. To keep the dye from bleeding, you can also spray them down with hairspray. Coat them with the spray and use a cloth to even out the liquid. Allow them to dry for 24 hours before wearing them.

2. Make Wearing Them Special

ShoesSave these shoes for specific outfits and special occasions. Each time you put them on, the protective coating that holds in the dye can wear off. After wearing them, wipe them with a cloth to remove any loose dirt or debris and coat them with a fresh layer of waterproofing sealant, or any of the other protective options listed above. When you decide to wear them, make sure the weather calls for clear skies, as excess moisture can cause the dye to bleed.

3. Wear With Care

When wearing your dyed shoes, watch your step. Stick to sidewalks and paved streets; avoid walking through muddy areas, puddles, and damp grass. Even with waterproofing sealant, moisture can still cause damage, so make every effort to stay out of wet areas while wearing them.


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