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When your expensive dress shoes start to lose their sheen or your favorite pair of work boots wears out, don’t throw them away. Sofia Shoe Repair Service in Rochester, NY, specializes in shoe resoling and repair, and their high-quality services offer everything you need to bring your favorite shoes back to life. With over 72 years of experience, this shoe repair shop has earned a reputation for customer service and quality craftsmanship.

As a locally owned and operated business, Sofia Shoe Repair Service treats their clients like family. They go out of their way to exceed expectations, and they know every shoe that leaves their shop is a testament to the quality of work they provide. They’re perfectionists, and they give every shoe—and every client—personalized attention. They work quickly and efficiently so you never have to go long without your favorite footwear.

Whether your closet is full of designer high heels or your steel-toed boots are the only shoes you wear on a regular basis, these shoe repair services are designed with everyone in mind. No matter what state your footwear is in, the team at Sofia Shoe Repair Service will make them feel brand new. In addition to shoe resoling and repair, they also offer zipper repair, shoe dyeing, and shoe recoloring. They even stock several shoe care products for waterproofing and polishing.

You don’t need to head to the store for something new every time a pair of shoes starts to show their age. Call Sofia Shoe Repair Service at (585) 708-7889 to ask about shoe repairs or visit them online today.

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