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3 Signs You Need to Refresh Your Logo October 7, 2019

Flushing, Queens
3 Signs You Need to Refresh Your Logo, Queens, New York

All businesses depend on their logos to help them stand out from the competition. The most effective designs act as marketing tools by attracting attention and providing noticeable results. However, they can grow stale with time, and there are several signs that indicate it may be best to refresh your branding and logo efforts. Here are three of them.

When to Refresh Your Logo

1. It Lacks Originality

If you designed your logo when your company was still in its earliest stages, then it may not be the best reflection of your business as it stands today. While you may have a catalog of existing customers, that logo might not be very effective at attracting new clients. It’s possible that you used a template, for example, or quickly put something together on your own. No matter the original source, it may be time to revamp the design with something that is emblematic of your business in its current state.

2. It Looks Old

marketingSome branding and logos simply succumb to the ravages of aging. It’s a natural problem that can occur if your logo features an unpopular or unappealing font, for example, or colors that were more trendy at a particular time than they are now. It’s important to focus on endurance when creating all of your marketing materials. You may want to ask around and gauge opinions from trusted confidantes if you’re worried that your logo appears old. 

3. It Lacks Sense

While the logo of your dreams and marketing scheme may have made complete sense when it was first implemented, it’s possible that it lost its meaning and intent somewhere along the way. That can spell trouble for your business, especially if you’re new and trying to make a place for yourself in your industry and the community. If people express confusion or ask you to explain the logo’s design, consider replacing it for something that is more engaging and easy to understand.


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