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3 Ways to Furnish a Studio Apartment September 25, 2019

Collinsville, Madison
3 Ways to Furnish a Studio Apartment, Collinsville, Illinois

Living in a studio apartment doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice functionality. Though you may be lacking in square footage, it doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make the space feel more defined and lively. With a little planning and some creativity, the right decor can transform your living space by maximizing every square inch possible with motion furniture, as well as multifunctional pieces.

3 Design Tricks for Studio Apartments

1. Room Divider

To help define separate living spaces in a studio apartment, consider using a bookcase that will also function as a room divider. By placing castors on the bottom of your bookcase, you also gain the functionality and practicality of motion furniture, allowing you to redefine space as necessary. Consider customizing your bookcase with additional storage boxes to help add a bit of stylistic flair and provide a functional touch.

2. Hidden Bedroom

motion furnitureFor those of you who are looking to maximize every bit of available space, consider installing a Murphy bed for a stealthy way to hide your bedroom when it’s not being used. Also known as a pull-down, this style of bed is stored vertically against the wall and released into a horizontal position through the use of hinges. A Murphy bed is one of the oldest forms of motion furniture and still provides a great way to save and redefine space in modern times. 

3. Work Area

If your studio apartment has high ceilings, consider building a loft or mezzanine to provide some additional square footage to your space. You can designate the top area for your bed to create some separation from the more public areas of your home. The bottom area can effectively be turned into a workstation or office, especially when used in conjunction with a motion furniture bookcase that can close off the space and provide some solitude. 


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