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Uncle Dave's Mattresses & More

128 E Main St
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The first thing hardworking people like yourself do after a long day’s work is to plop down on the sofa or in their bed. Nothing calms the mind and body like uninterrupted rest on your favorite piece of furniture. At Uncle Dave’s Mattresses & More in Collinsville, IL, you can find your peace with a piece of furniture perfect for you. They have a number of styles and types to choose from, improving your efforts to deck your home with the right furniture for complete comfort.


Whether you’re looking for a new mattress because your old one doesn’t form to your body well anymore or you need a chair in your den to finish your getaway lounge, you’ll find the products you need at this mattress store. They boast over 95 years of experience in the community, selling high-end American-made furniture to customers throughout the area.


Not only do they carry some of the finest stationary furniture and mattresses, but they also offer motion furniture such as recliners, fold-out couches, reclining love seats, and more. With a penchant for helping their fellow community members, they let you try out the furniture so you can be sure you’re getting the furniture you’ve always wanted.


When you’re tired of coming home and sleeping in a bed or reclining on a sofa that makes you even more tired than you were before, it’s time to let Uncle Dave’s Mattresses & More supply you with the right beds, bed frames, sofas, and more. Call them today at (618) 344-5123 for more information.

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