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What to Consider Before Adding a Pond to Your Property September 16, 2019

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What to Consider Before Adding a Pond to Your Property, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

If your backyard has always felt a little “blah,” you probably don’t spend much time in it. Unfortunately, that means you’re neglecting to take advantage of a significant chunk of your property. By adding a water feature, such as a pond, you can really tap into your backyard’s potential. From excavating to fish selection, use the following guide to find out what goes into a pond installation.

The Benefits of Having a Pond

After a pond installation, your ordinary backyard will instantly become a serene oasis. The gentle sound of water running over rocks, the glimmering reflection of sunlight, and the illusion of a waterfront property all make this home improvement worth the investment.

If you haven’t been spending much time in your lawn or garden, a pond will act as the perfect focal point to draw you and your guests in. Plus, you can use the pond to house beautiful fish and aquatic plants, as well as to attract birds, crickets, and butterflies. Since the water won’t be stagnant, you don’t have to worry about luring mosquitoes.

The Aspects Worth Considering

excavatingBefore you even begin designing your ideal pond, you’ll need to take care of some practical concerns. For example, you’ll have to refer to surveys or call your municipality to have your gas, sewer, and electrical lines marked, as the excavating process could damage them. You’ll also want to choose a spot for your pond that has access to sunlight and won’t require the excavating of large tree roots. Finally, check with an electrical service that the pond is within safe proximity (generally 25 feet) to a grounded outlet, which you’ll need to power the pump.

Once you’ve settled on the perfect spot, you can call the excavating crew to dig a pond of at least 40 cubic feet. This is the minimum size for maintaining clean water. They’ll also have to create a series of ledges around the main hole for placing rocks and plants that will stabilize the pond. 

Finally, you can start to choose fish and plants that will thrive in your local climate. Some of the most popular choices for backyard ponds include koi fish and goldfish. Keep in mind that koi fish need larger ponds to thrive. Also, if the temperatures drop drastically during the winter, you’ll need a deeper pond to prevent it from freezing.


If you’re interested in building a pond in your backyard, call Musson Brothers of Rhinelander, WI, for excavating services. They have 73 years of experience working on construction sites for residential and commercial properties. In addition to excavating, they also offer paving work for everything from driveways to highways. To learn more about their trusted services, visit the website, or call (715) 365-8700 today.

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