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Musson Brothers Inc, Asphalt Contractor, Services, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

When it comes to making sure people have smooth surfaces to drive and walk on, land cleared to start a construction project, or earth moved to get into a city’s infrastructure, no one does it like Musson Brothers Inc. Located in Rhinelander, WI, this 73-year-old paving and excavating company has remained at the forefront of construction and paving companies for various industries, vendors, and commercial properties. Whether you’re the property manager for an apartment complex or you’re leading a construction project for a new home, work with this excavation contractor to ensure your project gets off on the right foot.


Starting a new construction job means prepping the earth so it can support the foundation, plumbing, and other parts of the infrastructure. Get the job done right by allowing this excavation contractor to give your project the attention it deserves. They own a variety of machinery and equipment for earth moving and land clearing projects, getting the job done expeditiously and efficiently. From graders to diggers, they have everything they need at their disposal.


Whether you’re a site developer or the owner of a shopping center, when you think of asphalt paving and repairs, think of Musson Brothers. Their professional pavers can smoothen and fill the cracks in your damaged asphalt, making them safe for vehicles. Not just working on parking lots and driveways, they also offer their services for roadways and highways. Other services include concrete, aggregates, sand and gravel sales, snow removal, site development, and basement construction.


From municipal work to commercial development, Musson Brothers has had their hands in various projects throughout the region, helping their clients complete their most important jobs successfully. Join others who’ve enjoyed the services of this excavation contractor by calling (715) 365-8700 or visiting them online for more information.

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