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3 Benefits of Asphalt Bike Lanes September 19, 2019

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3 Benefits of Asphalt Bike Lanes, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Biking is an excellent way for people to exercise and to cut down on their community’s carbon footprint. It’s one of the most accessible green activities, and asphalt bike lanes are one of the best ways to promote it. Having an asphalt paving contractor add them to your local roads benefits your community and residents in several ways, so consider the following reasons to have them installed.

Reasons to Add Asphalt Bike Lanes

1. Improving Overall Safety

It’s not easy for bicyclists to maneuver through traffic. This can be dangerous for both them and the people driving vehicles. If they’re forced to ride on the sidewalk, it also creates dangers for pedestrians. When asphalt paving professionals add bike lanes, they significantly reduce the potential of injury for everyone. They effectively separate traffic, so motorists have the road, pedestrians have the sidewalk, and bicyclists have their lanes.

2. Reducing Congestion

asphalt-paving-musson-brothers-inc Rhinelander, WIWhen bike lanes free up space, they also reduce congestion, since bikers and motorists aren’t battling to share the road. Since they also promote biking, more people will gradually convert, creating less motor traffic on the road. This eco-friendly solution is better for road efficiency and will also benefit the surrounding community by cutting down on carbon emissions. The average car produces 271 g of carbon for every mile driven, and bikes release none. Collectively, this significantly reduces the carbon impact of a city. Carbon dioxide contributes to many health conditions, like serious respiratory issues, so by reducing them, you’re creating a healthier community. Likewise, moderate biking can burn roughly 300 calories in 30 minutes, ensuring residents lead healthier lives.

3. Encouraging Biking

Many people avoid biking because they don’t feel safe sharing the road with motorists. Biking lanes are more reassuring and will help more people convert to this type of transportation. Countless studies have shown that bike lanes encourage biking. For example, bike traffic in Washington, DC, has grown seven times faster since the city added protected lanes. Additional studies have shown that there’s a 75% increase in bike use in the first year of paths being added to communities. Seeing that asphalt paving professionals add bike lanes is encouraging, and as your community sees more and more people biking, others will be interested in joining.


If you’re ready to add bike lanes to your community, Musson Brothers Inc. provides the asphalt paving services to handle the job. They’ve served Rhinelander, WI, for over 73 years, handling site development, excavating, paving, and more. They can evaluate your community’s needs and install these lanes in a way that will promote biking and keep your neighborhoods safe and eco-friendly. In addition to bicycle lane paving, they also supply aggregates, sand and gravel, and other materials, which you can learn more about on their website. Call (715) 365-8700 to schedule a consultation.

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