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4 Benefits of Cheerleading for a Child October 14, 2019

Penfield, Monroe
4 Benefits of Cheerleading for a Child, Penfield, New York

If your child loves dancing and sports, they’ll love cheerleading. This aerobic activity involves tumbling, jumping, dancing, and singing to motivate sports teams. Cheer also brings many health and developmental benefits to children. If you’re still on the fence about enrolling your little one in these classes, here are a few reasons to do so.

How Cheerleading Benefits Children

1. Strengthens the Bones

A cheerleader often jumps to finish a pose or perform stunts. Research shows that jumping can increase bone density, strengthening them and lowering your child’s risk of developing osteoporosis in the future. Since little ones are often prone to fractures, the sport will work toward keeping them safe outside of the gymnastics center.

2. Shows the Value of Teamwork

Cheerleaders must work together to time their moves perfectly and deliver outstanding performances. For example, if cheer members don’t work as a team to perform a stunt, the stunt can fail. By joining cheerleading, your child will learn the importance of teamwork and use that skill in their personal lives. 

3. Delivers Great Workouts

cheerWhether they’re tumbling, stretching, or dancing, cheerleaders are constantly moving. That’s why your child is guaranteed to get a healthy workout every time they cheer. Exercise will help your young athlete maintain a healthy weight, increase endurance, and fight off illnesses.

4. Teaches How to Set Goals

Cheerleading may also teach your child how to set goals and achieve them. For example, if they’re having difficulty mastering a particular stunt, their coach will offer assistance and encourage them to practice every day until they perfect it. Learning how to set goals will serve your child well in their school and future career.


If you want to sign your child up for cheer, turn to the professionals at The Gymnastics Training Center Of Rochester, Inc in Penfield, NY. This 22,000 square foot facility provides gymnastics, cheerleading, tumbling, and dance classes for children in Monroe and Wayne counties. They make safety a top priority and use the latest equipment. Learn more about their cheer program online or call (585) 388-8686 to inquire about enrollment. 

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