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What to Expect From Pests During Each Season August 30, 2019

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What to Expect From Pests During Each Season, Dothan, Alabama

If you want to win against pests, you have to stay ahead of the game. This means arming yourself with knowledge about pest behavior all-year-round. By doing this, you get to plan preventive measures to take and call for pest control treatments in advance. Here is a general guide on what you can expect from pests when seasons come and go.

How to Deal With Pests Every Season

1. Spring

This is the time for new beginnings, as well as the start of your pest problems. Thanks to the return of warmer temperatures and moist conditions, undesirable critters will be eager to mate and to go looking for sustenance after a winter of inactivity. Nevertheless, you can look at the brighter side of things since most pests will seek food and water outside your home. Just be on the lookout for ants, termites, and stinging insects attempting to build a nest around your house. Don’t hesitate to turn to professional pest control treatments if you observe unusual insect behavior on your property.

2. Summer

pest control treatmentsMany pest activities reach their peak in the summertime after the breeding months of spring. Expect to see pests practically everywhere, including inside your home. The most common among them will be mosquitoes, which can carry serious health risks. Regularly apply insect repellent, and be wary of wasps and bees that have built their nests around your property. Ant presence remains prominent as they continue to seek refuge from the rain.

3. Fall

Although the weather becomes more pleasant in the fall, you will have to deal with pests looking for warmth inside your house. Don’t be surprised to see an invasion of spiders, cockroaches, boxelder bugs, and ladybugs. Bigger pests, like rodents, will also try to search for a cozy place to spend the winter months, so seal any cracks, holes, and crevices in your residence. Proper home maintenance is vital this season if you want to keep unwanted guests out. If you are already dealing with an infestation, call for pest control treatments as soon as possible.

4. Winter

Most pests hibernate and go underground during the coldest season of the year, but you must remain vigilant for rodents and other smaller pests persistently trying to get inside. You should have completed sealing off gaps, sidings, and other possible points of entry by this time. Any pests that you may find indoors should be dealt with accordingly before they reproduce.


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