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If you’re looking for reliable pest control treatments for your property, the experienced exterminators at Pest-Ex in Dothan, AL, are more than up to the task. Providing exceptional residential and commercial pest control services since 1956, this family-run business guarantees foolproof protection against pest infestations for your home and workplace. No matter the extent of pest invasion in your home or workplace, they have the right equipment and products to handle it efficiently.

Pest-Ex is the oldest pest control provider in the area, and their knowledge and expertise in controlling your pest are at the top of their industry. Whether you’re dealing with roaches or rodents, count on their residential pest control experts to offer complete pest control services in a dependable and timely manner.

Keeping your safety and comfort in mind, Pest-Ex uses nothing less than the safest pest control treatments. As an extension of their customer-centric values, they welcome your involvement and feedback at every step of the process. Working their pest control services around your specific needs, they provide customers with tailor-made solutions to help you get rid of these unwelcome intruders.

On top of their exceptional pest control treatments, Pest-Ex also furnishes their clients with protective installations as a long-term solution against infestations. Their specialized foundation vents, moisture barriers, and adjustable supports are specially designed to prevent pests from breeding and infesting your property. With licenses to operate in Alabama, this top-rated extermination business manages residential and commercial pest control services at the most affordable rates.

Guaranteed to safeguard your home, Pest-Ex’s pest control treatments have earned this local extermination company rave reviews from happy clients. Find out more about their senior discounts and other money-saving offers by calling (334) 794-5903, or visit their website today.

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