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5 Steps to Take If Someone Keys Your Car September 6, 2019

Northgate, Colerain
5 Steps to Take If Someone Keys Your Car, Colerain, Ohio

Having someone key your vehicle can lead to confusion, frustration, and anger. The scratches to your car’s paint job are unattractive and may be severe enough for you to require auto body repairs. If you notice scratches on your vehicle, use the guide below before taking the car to a shop.

What to Do If Someone Keys Your Car

1. Document the Damage

Any time someone vandalizes your property, document the damage. Inspect the scene for security cameras that could have caught the perpetrator in the act. The video footage could help determine the identity of the person who damaged your vehicle. You should also take pictures of the scratches.

2. File a Police Report

After you take photos, call the nonemergency police line. Intentionally damaging someone else’s property is a crime, and the officers need to document the scene so that the culprit, if caught, is held accountable.

3. Call Your Insurance Company

Your auto insurance may cover vandalism under the comprehensive portion of the policy. Contact your insurance agent; they’ll walk you through the steps to file a vandalism claim for a keyed car. In most cases, you need a police report before you can submit the claim. You also have to answer several questions about the location of the car, the date of the incident, potential repair locations, and contact information.

4. Speak With the Claims Adjuster

auto body repairsTo reduce insurance fraud, the insurance company will send out a claims adjuster to evaluate the vehicle’s damage. Unfortunately, vandalism and theft claims are common, and many of them are not honest. The adjuster will visually inspect the vehicle and check for possible signs of fraud.

5. Get Auto Body Repairs

Getting auto body repairs is the final step to treating a keyed car. Check local shops that offer exceptional auto body services. You don’t have to choose a business that your insurance agency recommends, but you should find one that works with your insurance company. This keeps out-of-pocket expenses low.


Dealing with a keyed car is a stressful ordeal, but the team at Engel’s Auto Service & Towing in Cincinnati, OH, is here to help. As the area’s go-to auto body shop and towing company for over 50 years, this company offers superior auto body repair services. Whether you need to fix a scratch, install new glass, or get bumper-to-bumper collision repairs, their technicians have the tools to get the job done. To learn more about their services, including 24-hour emergency towing, call (513) 385-8246 or visit them online today.

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