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Engel's Auto Service & Towing

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Cincinnati, OH 45251
(513) 385-8246
Engel's Auto Service & Towing, Auto Body Repair & Painting, Services, Cincinnati, Ohio

Finding yourself stranded on the side of the road after your vehicle breaks down can be stressful. You’ll have to call a tow truck company to get your car to a service shop, but you can cut out the middleman by calling Engel's Auto Service & Towing in Cincinnati, OH. Since 1966, this auto body shop and towing company have offered auto body repair and towing services; allowing you to deal with just one company who’s dedicated to correctly repairing the look of your vehicle and getting you back behind the wheel.

Whether you need a new dumper or major collision repair services, one of their technicians will be there to restore your vehicle. They offer bumper-to-bumper collision repair, frame straightening, dent removal, glass installation, and guaranteed paint matching.  

Don’t allow the time of day to make you afraid to pick up the phone, as they provide 24-hour emergency towing for those in need. Their team of professional towers and auto body technicians are ready and waiting. If you don’t drive a standard passenger vehicle and need assistance, they also have the tools and trucks to help with nearly any vehicle. Their fleet allows them to recover and haul anything from light to heavy-duty vehicles.

From bumper-to-bumper, no matter the issue, the knowledge of the professionals at Engel’s Auto Service & Towing will find the right solution for any problem your vehicle is experiencing. Call them today at (513) 385-8246 or visit them online to learn more about their services.

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