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A Guide to Foggy Windows August 28, 2019

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A Guide to Foggy Windows, North Bethesda, Maryland

When you notice a haze on your windows that you can’t wipe away with window cleaning, there is likely condensation between the panes. Unfortunately, this is an indication that your windows need to be replaced since they can’t be cleaned or repaired. However, understanding what caused this to happen can help prevent it from occurring again in your next set of windows.

Why Do Windows Get Foggy?

Double-paned thermal windows have a layer of gas sealed between the two panes of glass for further insulation. An airtight seal runs around the edge of the two panes to keep it secured inside. When that seal becomes damaged, it lets the gas out. Air can then enter the space between the glass panes, bringing moisture in with it. The moisture leads to condensation between the windows, and the minerals in that moisture stay on the glass after the water evaporates. Over time, that mineral buildup creates a foggy appearance that cannot be fixed with window cleaning.

How Can You Protect Your New Windows?

window cleaningMaintain your new double-paned windows to keep the seal in good condition for as long as possible. This will keep your windows clear and well-insulated. Routine window cleaning keeps dirt and other debris from getting stuck in the crevices, which could otherwise cause premature wear. Clean the glass with an ammonia-free cleaning solution and wipe down the frame with a soft cloth. The window’s contact points should be lubricated once a year with a silicone-based lubricant for friction-free opening and closing. Never use anything sharp to clean around the edge of the seal, as this could puncture it and permanently ruin the window.


Thorough window cleaning will keep your new windows looking beautiful and extend their lifespan, so work with the professionals at Squeeky Clean Window Washing in Bethesda, MD, to make sure it’s done right. They use state-of-the-art and industry-tested methods to deliver outstanding results for their clients throughout Montgomery County and northern Virginia. Their capable team can also handle skylight cleaning and glass restoration. Learn more online and call (301) 424-4020 for a free estimate.

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