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Squeeky Clean Window Washing

Squeeky Clean Window Washing

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Standing out in a competitive market is never easy, but a true professional window-washing company knows it takes a combination of impressive results and top-rate customer service to beat the competition. Squeeky Clean Window Washing uses state-of-the-art wash water purification and traditional industry approved methods, as well as meticulous cleaning procedures, to deliver outstanding results every time to customers in Bethesda, MD, northern Virginia and Montgomery County.

By using purified and deionized water, they eliminate streaking and leave your home or business windows bright and clear without damaging any paint, logos or signs. For commercial buildings, they will wash offices up to five-stories tall with water-fed poles and use an environmentally friendly process that will leave your windows with an unprecedented shine. All commercial window washings are available on weekly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual service plan schedules.

The experienced staff at Squeeky Clean Window Washing dresses in uniform and will always act professionally as they thoroughly clean skylights, storm windows and tempered glass in a way that also protects surrounding objects and structures. Their business is highly decorated, earning the Angie’s List Super Service Award from 2012 to 2017.

Squeeky Clean Window Washing is owned and operated by Alan M. Augustine, a specialist in masonry restoration. He has applied his knowledge of preservative techniques to form a superior window cleaning company. His approach is also utilized in the company’s roof washing, flat surface cleaning and glass restoration services.

For first-rate window washings at your home or business, contact the award-winning Squeeky Clean Window Washing by calling (301) 424-4020 for a free estimate or visit them online.


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