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How Long Will a Spare Tire Last? August 14, 2019

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How Long Will a Spare Tire Last?, Columbia, Missouri

When you’re driving, few auto repair issues are as startling as a tire blowout. The sudden jolt can not only alarm you into losing control of the vehicle, but it could also throw your car out of its lane and endanger other drivers. In this case, many drivers choose to replace the blown tire with a spare and drive to the nearest auto repair center. However, how long can this temporary replacement safely support your vehicle? If you’re wondering how to handle this roadside scenario, use the following guide.

What to Do if You Have a Blowout on the Road

If your blowout is gradual, you may notice the feeling of pressure releasing, and your car tilting slowly on its axles. When this happens, come to a gradual stop by simply taking your foot off the gas. Braking suddenly will put excessive pressure on your tires and may lead to a more extreme blowout.

auto repairIf you can make it over to the shoulder of the highway, or even pull onto a side street or a parking lot, do so. This reduces the risk of getting struck while you’re collecting yourself, checking on your passengers, and installing the spare tire. Then, turn on your hazard lights before getting out of your vehicle. 

How Long You Can Safely Rely on a Spare Tire

Once you have removed the flat or the remainders of the blown-out tire and mounted the spare, don’t assume your car is set for the near future. This small, thin tire is only designed to carry your vehicle to the nearest auto repair center at under 50 miles per hour. If you’re more than several miles from the nearest one, you might want to have the car towed.

Look to your owner’s manual to find out exactly how long or far you can rely on your spare. However, in all cases, it’s best to replace your spare sooner than later. Driving for too long on this weaker wheel may strain the transmission, throw your suspension system out of alignment, and lead to another devastating blowout.


If you’ve just installed a spare tire and want to replace it as soon as possible, take it to G & J Auto Center of Columbia, MO, today. They have been performing auto repairs for over 20 years, as well as selling new and used tires, so you can get it all done in one place. Whether you need a tire rotation or transmission repair, call them at (573) 474-5819 to speak with a staff member. You can also visit the website to learn more about their offerings.

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