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G & J Auto Center, Auto Repair, Services, Columbia, Missouri

If your car begins to shake like it never has before or starts to make some mystery noise you’ve never heard, it’s important to diagnose the issue quickly. You may not know what’s wrong with your car, but one thing’s for certain: The mechanics at G & J Auto Center in Columbia, MO, can find out. This auto repair shop provides essential car maintenance regardless of what ails your vehicle. They’ve serviced customers in the area for over 20 years and boast a team with more than three decades’ worth of auto repair experience.

Arming their technicians with the best tools and training, this auto repair shop has the needed skill and equipment to do it all. Whether your brakes have worn down completely and you need new ones installed or your engine overheats and you’re sure you have coolant in your radiator, these mechanics know just what to do. They have state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to determine issues with your car that you can’t immediately determine.

While they offer general auto services such as brake repairs and oil changes, they also offer more extensive repairs and services, including transmission repair and engine work. You can also purchase new and used tires, receive an alignment, tire rotation and balancing, and tire mounting with these experts. This is truly a one-stop shop, fitted with the best equipment and most skilled mechanics, all for affordable prices.

Leave the guesswork to the professionals and bring your vehicle into G & J Auto Center, one of Boone County’s best auto repair shops. Discover more by calling them today at (573) 474-5819 or visiting them online.

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