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4 Popular Options for a Privacy Fence August 14, 2019

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4 Popular Options for a Privacy Fence , Hamptonburgh, New York

A privacy fence turns your property into a secluded oasis for relaxing and enjoying time with family and friends. The right materials keep your outdoor activities private while also protecting children and pets in your yard. If you’re considering your options, here are a few of the most popular types of privacy fencing and their benefits.

Types of Privacy Fences for Homes

1. Shadowbox

Also known as the “good neighbor” fencing, shadowbox models feature pickets on both sides. These pickets are installed to look the same on either side but leave small gaps that promote air circulation. The gaps do not interfere with privacy, however. This fencing is designed to cast shadows and offer extra resilience against heavy winds and storms. Most shadowbox fences are made from wood and come in assorted styles.privacy fence

2. Stockade

Unlike shadowbox models, there are no gaps in stockade fences. Instead, boards get fitted together tightly to create a uniform exterior, and may feature pointed tips for added security. Often made of cedar and spruce, stockade is a classic and affordable option.

3. Vinyl

A vinyl privacy fence may be designed in the stockade style. It’s typically made to mimic the look of wood. This is a popular choice for areas around swimming pools, since vinyl is more moisture-resistant than wood. You can select the height of your fencing as well as design enhancements. 

4. Custom Wood

Custom-designed wood fencing includes stockade and shadowbox forms, among other styles. This option allows you to create custom heights and designs that match your property’s needs and aesthetic. For example, if you desire higher fencing in the back of your yard for privacy and shorter, more picket-like fencing in the front, go the custom route. 


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