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An all-around leader for over 30 years, American Fence Company specializes in adding style, value, and security to your property. Fully licensed and insured, American Fence Company contractors have the expertise and ingenuity to enhance your home, pool, or backyard’s privacy and aesthetic appeal. Whether working with vinyl fencing, wrought iron, decorative aluminum, chain link, or wood, American Fence Company provides a personalized, expert touch for every homeowner’s fencing needs. They know that there’s no one-size-fits-all for fences, so they provide free consultations to help you decide what kind of fence or wall will best suit your project.

From stockade and privacy fencing to equestrian fencing and decorative aluminum, American Fence Company knows fences. They offer post and rail, pool area fencing, decorative entry gates, commercial chain link, tennis courts, custom-designed wood enclosures, and temporary job site fencing as well.

Their fencing contractors are experts in all local zoning laws and are on hand to help design and install your ideal fence. Whether you’re looking for a small fence around to enclose your backyard or a large fence around an expansive property, they offer affordable options and flexible plans.

American Fence Company is proud to have served the Hudson Valley and surrounding communities since 1975. Family owned and operated, American Fence Company offers reliable service and uses the highest quality fencing materials. They also repair and upgrade existing fences, so whatever your fencing needs might be, call (845) 427-5894  today to see how the experts at American Fence Company can help. 

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