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An Overview of Women's Boxing Weight Classes August 28, 2019

Moanalua, Honolulu
An Overview of Women's Boxing Weight Classes, Honolulu, Hawaii

Boxing competitions categorize fighters into weight classes. For female boxers, there are 17 different weight classes. To learn more about the sport, find out why this system is in place and what the classes are for women’s boxing.

The Purpose of the Weight Class System

Boxers are divided into weight classes to make every fight fair. Pitting a smaller boxer against one twice their size comes with disadvantages on both sides. Heavier fighters may pack a harder punch, but a smaller one is typically faster. Proper weight classes are also needed to prevent injuries during a match.

Once categorized, boxers may choose to move between classes as their skills change or face a new challenge. Those who border a weight class can fight in either the lighter or heavier division.

women's boxingThe weight breakdown doesn’t differ too greatly between men and women’s boxing. The exceptions include the heavyweight class, where men must be heavier than 200 pounds while women must beat 175 pounds. Female boxers also have the junior middleweight and mini flyweight class that don’t appear in men’s listings.

The Women’s Boxing Weight Classes

Weight class names may vary depending on the boxing associations, but the weight ranges are generally the same.

  • Mini flyweight or strawweight: under 105 pounds
  • Junior flyweight: 105 to 108 pounds
  • Flyweight: 108 to 112 pounds
  • Super flyweight: 112 to 115 pounds
  • Bantamweight: 115 to 118 pounds
  • Super bantamweight: 118 to 122 pounds
  • Featherweight: 122 to 126 pounds
  • Super featherweight: 126 to 130 pounds
  • Lightweight: 130 to 135 pounds
  • Super lightweight or light welterweight: 135 to 140 pounds
  • Welterweight: 140 to 147 pounds
  • Super welterweight: 147 to 154 pounds
  • Middleweight: 154 to 160 pounds
  • Upper middleweight: 160 to 168 pounds
  • Light heavyweight: 168 to 175 pounds
  • Heavy weight: over 175 pounds


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